Have you ever really thought about how easy it is to put on your black look your best and go watch someone be put in the ground..The hard part is being a friend to them in the first place.  Those of you who want an apology aren’t going to get one I’m not sorry for what I did and I’d do it again. I have already accomplished my goal of making a difference in lives. Sorry those of you who want and can’t get over the fact that you think I was selfish I’m sorry that’s not on me. No one spoke up no one tried to intervene. So I personally think you have no right to feel that way. I take full responsibility for my actions and I blame no one but myself. I have turned my life around and I am a better me then I have ever been. Take it or leave it.  If you are going to come at me negatively. Then stay the hell away, positive vibes only for this chick. Love the ones who were there and stayed.




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