opiate addicts secrets

Being that I was a junkie, an IV user J. I have learned many secrets that opiate addicts have figured out to pass as normal, when they are higher than a kite.

1. Opiate users whether it be pills or dope normally have pin point pupils.

2. IV users, if tattooed..more than likely will shoot up into the tattoo so you can’t see the track mark.

3. The addict will have more and more personal items disappear and you might notice things missing.

4. Sunglasses, even when you don’t need them. The person always seems to have an excuse to why. They want to hide their pinpoint pupils.

5. Never having money. Always asking to borrow oh I don’t have any gas…I need this. Oh I need that.

6. IV users or addicts who snort the drug, spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And always have an excuse for that as well.

7. Opiate addicts experiencing withdrawal will isolate themselves to their bedroom most of the time until they can figure out how to get money to get high. This could last for 1 to 2 days. It takes 72 hours to get through withdrawals, but most addicts never make it that far.i never did and don’t know anyone who has.

8. Super friendly. More than usual.

9. The classic dope voice.  When someone is high, there is a noticeable change in their voice.

10. Nodding out. Whether it be for a second or ten minutes, standing or sitting. When you ask the normal response is usually I’m just really tired.

11. Some opiate addicts experience hyperactivity. My dad said he always knew because that was something I did.

12. Talking a lot.

13. Weight loss or in some cases weight gain.

This is just a few things that I picked up on being an addict at one point in my life and everyone has different symptoms when using. Hope this helps those of you trying to figure out if their child or friend is on opiates.



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