Learning to relove yourself

“Loving yourself is about building a relationship with yourself. A new, more supportive relationship. And like any relationship, forging that strong, deep bond takes time.
How you define, experience and express love for yourself is different to me, or any one else. It is an intimate relationship between you and you. It encompasses the self talk that you engage in, the words you use to describe yourself, the feelings you hold within you and what you believe to be true about you.

I feel the term self love carries a lot of weight these days. For many of us the pursuit of self love can place a tremendous pressure on us to always be whole-heartedly and unconditionally kind and loving to ourselves at all times. This means that the minute that old negative voice creeps in, your mind starts to race with crazy thoughts or you find yourself criticising rather than loving yourself, you feel like a failure.

Self love has become some destination we strive to arrive at and in the process we actually end up beating up on ourselves even more for failing to reach it.”
— Connie Chapman




I have learned to love me and not regret my past and yes it took some time and it still takes time. And learning that most people and I mean practically everyone will not be giving you a second chance is something that you are going to have to get used to and let people talk. They chose not to be apart of your new life, you know the truth and the people who did take that leap of faith know the truth and that is all that matters, but most importantly you have to learn to forgive yourself and to love who you fought to be. Even if you only have one day clean, it’s still a day.  ♡♡♡

— loulou


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