Crawl back into your bodies

I completely understand how it is to check out of your body and heroin and that needle are the only things that you think you need. You’re numb. I checked out of my body for so long that I shot myself, to check back in. I am asking and pleading and praying that those of you who are walking around out there like zombies. To please crawl back into your bodies before it’s too late. It’s better to fight. It is the hardest thing that you will ever do but fucking fight. Especially those who have babies. Those babies need you to live for them. Heroin is not allowing people to see the age of 25 and even younger then that. Death is NOT normal, like we have all become so accustomed to. Death is normal yes it’s inevitable. But the amount of death from one place alone is not. And everyone needs to wake up and realize that. People are fading and fast. It doesn’t matter how many of their friends die. They’ll continue to use. It doesn’t matter if you throw them in rehab, they’ll continue to use after. They have to make the most important decision of their lives and want to fight. So once again I plead that you crawl back into your body and start fighting. All this death has got to end. Although, I also unfortunately understand for some of you….you’ve checked out your not coming back. And we will lose more to heroin. Those of you who haven’t decided that it is going to be the death of you turn it around and fight. When you die, you find your peace. But those who love you. Your friends and family members they will always miss you.



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