Eliminate all addicts

There’s a huge ugly mean cloud above any addicts head…whether you are still using or you are in recovery and have been for some time. None of that matters..lately it seems like the best idea is to eliminate every addict from the population, because addiction was the choice we chose for ourselves and people have seem to have forgotten that buried beneath the drugs is someone who they once cared for and loved. That the good hearted person is still there but sick. No one decides oh I’m going to grow up and be a junkie. Yes the choice to do the drug the 1st time is ours but I can guarantee that none of us expected the hell on earth that comes after the first choice. But I am seeing a lot of….because of their drug problem when addicts die there’s no respect because it’s another dead junkie…which seems to be a good thing.

So why don’t people treat those who get lung cancer because they made the CHOICE to smoke cigarettes and it ends up killing them the same way? It was a choice they made…right? Or what about the people who served and come back with ptsd and commit suicide…defending our country was once again their CHOICE and they knew what they were signing up for….along with many other examples. My question is why are junkies treated so different when their addiction kills them. The elimination of human beings whether you are an addict, gay, purple, male, female….when you go people need to let you go in peace. They are all human beings along with being a child to someone or a parent or a sibling or a loved one. If you have not been in the situation then you should be so proud of not making that ugly decision to try drugs that destroy you. But you need to remember that we are all human beings and deserve respect and especially those who have passed away let them have peace.



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